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"Dermal Fillers" - An Introduction

The Aging Face ...

As we get older, our faces change.  Sooner or later
the inevitable happens, and we begin to notice the
appearance of "crows feet," frown and "worry" lines,
and the development of nasal labial folds and
"marionette" lines just below the mouth.   

Additionally, many of us also suffer a significant loss
of facial volume, caused by the breakdown of
connective  tissue (collagen and elastin). It is
this deterioration that causes our faces to deflate
and descend -- typically, our brows begin to fall,
our jaw lines sag, our cheeks and lips begin to loose
their fullness, and the areas around our eyes begin
to hollow, giving us that old and "always tired" look.

The Youthful Face ...

By contrast, the youthful face is characterized
by smooth, unwrinkled skin, full cheeks and lips,
upraised brows, a firm jaw line, and full, youthful
contours around the eyes and nose. 



The "Dermal Filler" Solution

Unlike traditional surgical procedures that often
make a patient's face appear taut and gaunt-looking,
injectable dermal fillers, including the PRP Facelift
procedure, can immediately restore lost facial volume
where it is needed most.  After a local anesthetic is administered, a safe, non-allergenic "dermal filler" is
injected directly into the areas that need volume
restoration.  Some swelling and bruising and mild
discomfort may occur after the procedure. However,
these side effects typically go away within a few days.
Normal activities can generally be resumed within a day
or two.  The end result is a softening of deep lines and
wrinkles and a re-contouring of the face that creates a
more youthful appearance (see "Before and After" photos).

Results typically last 10 months - 1 year, after which
the procedure can be repeated as often as desired.

What are the Advantages over Surgical Procedures?

As mentioned above, dermal filler injectables offer several important

1.  Compared with a surgical prodecures, dermal filler injectables are
minimally invasive (much safer).

2.  Dermal filler Injectables are generally much less expensive.

3.  There is no significant "downtime" with the dermal filler Injectables.
Surgical procedure patients, however, often have to take time off (several
weeks or more) to recuperate before they can resume normal activities.

4.  Unlike a surgical procedures which stretch skin over an attenuated face,
dermal filler injectables actually restore youthful volume to the face.


5.  Dermal filler injectable procedures can be easily "tweaked" or modified
over  time, helping you achieve your aesthetic goals without risking a "major


Before and After Photos:

       Correction of nasal labial folds

  Correction of nasal labial folds

       Restoration of lost facial volume (cheeks and eyes)






      Eybrow lift, restoration of volume in cheeks and lips 



            Restoration of lost volume (cheeks, lips, eyes) 



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