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Sexual Wellness

     New PRP Procedure
     for Sexual Wellness and
     Stress Incontinence...

FINALLY ... a safe and effective non-surgical procedure is now available that can dramatically enhance your sex life and/or alleviate or eliminate "stress urinary incontinence!"  

Quick and virtually painless, this revolutionary new procedure harnesses the powerful healing power of platelet rich plasma (PRP)* to repair and rejuvenate tissue (including nerve tissue) that has been damaged by childbirth or the long-term effects of aging.  

After a small tube of blood is drawn, a centrifuge is used to separate your PRP from other components of your blood.  Growth factors contained in your PRP are then “activated” using a proprietary technique. After a special numbing cream has been applied, the PRP is then strategically and painlessly injected into targeted areas. The activated growth factors in the PRP then immediately go to work to re-build and rejuvenate tissue near the injection site(s).   

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* NOTE: PRP has been successfully used for more than 20 years in over 50,000 procedures for a wide variety of treatments (e.g., to accelerate wound healing and to speed recovery from orthopedic surgery, etc.).  To date, no known adverse reactions have been reported.  For more information that supports the use of PRP procedures, click here.


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